Buying Running Shoes?? Remember this very useful experience of mine

I love walking, jogging, climbing stairs, trekking and running to achieve weight loss. 

Recently I went Decathlon to buy a new pair running shoes. I finalized on a compact pair of shoes. Just like the older one this pair too had a perfect grip on my feet. I almost went for payment when I heard someone buying a running shoe with some allowance left for the toes. Allowance for the toes? What he was trying to buy. Wouldn't it be shaky to run with a loose pair of shoes?

 I approached the salesperson who turned up an athlete himself educated me that it is important for a runner to have some breathing space for the toes. 

I always had pain in my toes after those hour long walking and jogging. I thought let's give it a try. I bought shoes one size above the original size in selection. 

That conversation with the fellow jogger and the decathlon guy helped me a lot. 

Now after intense training, running, jogging and brisk walks; I do not feel that much pain in my toes which I had before. With this simple selection of a one size bigger shoes I feel confident that my weight loss journey is now on a fast track.

If you are an amateur runner like me, give it a try and share your experience in comments below. 

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